Inox Led Lighting


Energy-efficient LED spots

We have been active in the maritime and industrial sectors for years, during which time we have come across a number of important issues. Especially the price-performance ratio of the LED spots of other companies proved a matter of concern. The price was high while the quality was not optimal. The light was sometimes too bright, sometimes too dim; too blue, too white, or the colour rendering just wasn’t good at all. Another challenge was the regular replacement of faulty spots in water-based industries.

Energy-efficient LED spots for maritime and industrial use

The combination of stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonate/Lexan with high-power LEDs and high-grade electronics yields an affordable product of very high quality. Our robust stainless steel LED spots are frequently used in maritime applications; they are 100% waterproof. They are also highly energy-efficient (0.5 to 2 watts). Use of the best stainless steel improves the spots’ resistance to salt corrosion and acids. We offer a 10-year warranty on our indestructible product.

Stainless steel LED spots for consumers

We have found that consumers are also keen to use stainless steel LED spots. They can be used around the house, in the bathroom, under wooden decking, in canopies and so on, providing atmospheric, intimate lighting and additional safety in the dark. With these uses in mind we have developed stainless steel spots with a clamp attached to the back so they can be fastened invisibly. Ask your technician about the available options.

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